Role and Responsibilities


To assist the Academic Board to perform its functions in relation to research and development.


The Curtin Malaysia R&D Committee is responsible for

  1. Providing advice and recommendations to the Curtin Malaysia Academic Board on:
    1. campus policies, procedures and guidelines relating to research and development;
    2. Curtin Malaysia’s Research Management Plan;
    3. progress in implementing the Research Management Plan
    4. the research and development performance of individuals, groups, schools and the whole campus;
    5. the establishment of research and development priorities and identification of potential new areas of research and development;
  1. Providing advice and recommendations to the Dean , R&D, on:
    1. enhancement of the campus’ research culture, and mechanisms that support the promotion of research performance;
    2. research infrastructure;
    3. the allocation of research funds and grants;
    4. campus-wide research initiatves; and
    5. the application of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and research ethics.


Ex officio

  • Dean, Research and Development (Chair)
  • Associate Dean, Research Training (Dean, Graduate School)
  • Research and Development Coordinators of academic schools (Assoc Deans R&D of Faculties)


  • One representative of CASA
  • One representative of the Professoriate body


  • Director, Curtin Sarawak Research Institute
  • Manager, Curtin Consultancy Services

Term of Office

The term of Office for elected members shall be one year.


The Research and Development Committee shall meet at least six times a year.


A majority of members shall constitute a quorum

Reporting relationships

Between Curtin Malaysia Research and Development Committee and Academic Board

The Committee shall forward its minutes to Curtin Academic Board

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