Curtin Malaysia Research Institute


The objectives of the Curtin Malaysia Research Institute are to:

  • Develop strong research that is attractive to regional businesses/organizations and which is part of international networks.
  • Facilitate active alliances between businesses/organizations and prominent researchers.
  • Drive research alliances which have impact into businesses/organizations.
  • Promote long term research as a means to innovate for businesses/organizations.
  • Drive the transfer of problems, knowledge and trained personnel between researchers and businesses/organizations.
  • Maintain a cohort of CMRI Research Fellows who have strong research credentials.
  • Seek external funding for research and operations.
  • Develop the Biovalley Facility as a source if opportunity in biotechnology R&D on products from fermentation and phytoprocessing.
  • Raise the profile of CMRI/Curtin Malaysia through public awareness.
  • Add to Curtin University Malaysia‚Äôs capabilities in quality research outcomes including in areas which straddle the two Faculties or areas not covered by them.