Employment Opportunities at the Pilot Plant Facility at Curtin University Malaysia

We are looking for staff to run various activities at the Pilot Plant Facility which is becoming operational at Curtin University Malaysia, Miri, Sarawak. We wish to recruit versatile people with a capability to multi-task as the Pilot Plant has multiple projects on-going at any one time, ranging from lab to pilot scale.

There are one Senior Research Fellow, one Research Fellow and three (3) Technician positions currently available in three key areas of our operations viz.

  1. Phytoprocessing
    This is the extraction of valuable compounds from plant materials. Key unit operations on the pilot scale process floor are: Thermal steeping; Plate and frame Filtration; Vacuum Film Evaporation; Distillation; Spray Drying; Freeze Drying; Screw Press Extrusion; Supercritical Fluid Extraction.
  2. Bioprocessing
    This is the fermentative production of valuable compounds using microorganisms. Key operations on the pilot scale process floor are: stirred tank bioreaction; Membrane Micro/Ultra-Filtration; Continuous Centrifugation; Preparative Chromatography.
  3. Chemical analysis (organic and inorganic)
    This is the service provided to the process floor to define the products produced, also provide an independent analytical service to external clients. Key instrumentation include GC-SQ-MS; UPLC; ICP-OES; Cryo-SEM-EDAX; Kjeldahl Analyzer; Particle Size Distribution Analyzer; Differential Scanning Calorimeter; XRF; bench-top Distillation unit; bench-top Chromatographic unit; UV-VIS and Fluoro Spectrophotometer.


The ideal candidates for these positions are likely to be:

  1. Highly skilled in one or more areas in our key areas of operations,
  2. Have a PhD, MPhil (or Master by research), or bachelor degree in a relevant expert area;
  3. Have some years of experience to offer;
  4. Have industrial experience;
  5. Able to work independently and have leadership qualities;
  6. Are meticulous and client-focused
  7. Flexible in working hours.


You can get a sense of the Pilot Plant and its operations from viewing the following media links:


If you are interested in being considered for a position, please indicate a preliminary expression of interest by writing to us:
State which of the three areas of operations you would like to be considered under and include a two-page summary of your experience/background/qualities which demonstrates how you think they match those which we seek in an appointee.
Send your email to Ms. Daisy Saban (daisychristy.s@curtin.edu.my).

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