Externally Funded Research Project

Enhancing Corporate Governance Structure for Greater Voluntary Disclosure:  Malaysian Evidence.
Dr Pauline Ho, Dr Goi Chai Lee
(Funded by the East Asian Development Network)

Funded by CSRF Scheme

Work-family interface.  The relationship between religious support and work-family conflict and enrichment and their influence on job, family and life satisfaction
Adriel Sim

Sustainability of Higher Learning Institutions: An Identification of factors that Influence the Choices of Higher Learning Institutions (Universities) in Sarawak
Joseph Sia

Malaysia Boleh?  Is Malaysian Brand Really Flying?
Fayrene Chieng

Business Graduates Attributes: An Exploratory Study on Business Graduates in Curtin Sarawak.
Ng Poh Yen

The Extent of Corporate Governance Practices on Earnings Management in Malaysian Listed Firms.
Sia Chow Siing
& Pauline Ho

Funded by CSRF Scheme

Indicators of Vulnerability to Currency Crises.
Ismail Ait Saadi

The Extent and Determinant of IT used in Accounting: A case of Sarawak.
Goi Chai Lee, Pauline Ho and Yong Su Ting

A Study of the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Voluntary Disclosure.
Pauline Ho

Exploring the effectiveness of Program Peningkatan Usahawan Bumiputra (PUTERA) in preparing ‘bumiputra’ entrepreneurs in meeting the challenges of business start-up and survival phases
Dr Keling Stevenson & Dr Frank Kiong

Transactional and Transformational Leadership: An Assessment of Bass’s (1985) Model in the Context of Miri Entrepreneurs
Anbalagan Krishnan, Balakrishnan Muniapan, Eunice Kong Eik Fong, Lew Tek Yew

Entrepreneurship: Personality Profile of Chinese Entrepreneurs who are members of the Sarawak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dr Keling Stevenson, Lew Tek Yew, Balakrishnan A/L Muniapan, Yong Su Ting, Eunice Kong Eik Fong

Earnings Management and Stock Market Response: A Study of Malaysian Firms
Dr. Y. Subba Reddy, Pauline Ho, Sia Chow Siing and Shaharudin Jakpar

A Study of Relationships between Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment among Old and Young Hotel Employees in Miri
Lew Tek Yew, and Khin Than Myint

Managing Expectations and Perceptions of Local and International Students in Curtin University Sarawak Campus: A Challenge beyond 2005!
Lew Tek Yew, and Yong Su Ting

Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment: A Study of Employees in the Tourism Industry in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Lew Tek Yew, and Khin Than Myint

Learning Experience Revisited: Exploring Students’ Learning Behavior in Marketing Units. A Case of Confucius Heritage Culture Learners at Curtin University of Technology.
Shamsul Abdullah

Measurement of Performance at Institutions of Higher Learning: The Balanced Score Card Approach.
Anbalagan Krishnan, Chan Kwok Mow, Jeya Chandra Malar, Dr Junaid Shaikh, A.Prof Dr Abu Hassan.

Malaysian Industrial Relations: Domestic Inquiry and the Rules of Natural Justice in the Management of Employment Misconduct.
Balakrishnan Muniapan

Funded by Other Sources

Domestic Related Violence against Filipino in Sabah
Anne-Marie Hildson and Beena Giridharan
(Funded by RUSSIC)

A Market Research on “Making Miri a Better City?” for Miri City Incorporated (MCI)
David Lee, Lew Tek Yew , Dr Keling Stvenson, Shamsul Kamariah
(Funded under Curtin Consultancy Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.)

Working Women in Sarawak and their Family Responsibilities
Wee Ling Min, Alice Urud, Shamsul K. Abdullah, and Khin Than Myint
(RUSSIC, Perth, WA) and Curtin Business School (Perth, WA)

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