Funded by Curtin Sarawak Collaborative Research Scheme (CSCR)

Young People and Environment Media Literacy: Selected Case Studies in Miri and Penang
Ngu Ik Ying, Juliana Yong Siew Tchin, Sony (Monash Malaysia), Shanthi (USM), Mohd Zin(USM)

Funded by CSRF Scheme

An Analysis on the Perception of Upper-secondary Students on the Quality of Services provided by the Government Schools in Miri.
Jeya Chandra Malar Jayaprakash

Using concept maps to develop life-long learning skills: A case study
Dr. Barbara Stauble

Towards Gender Inclusiveness in the Teaching of Science and Engineering Subjects: A Case Study
Dr. Barbara Stauble

The acquisition of English in Sarawak/East Asia
Beena Giridharan

Learning Styles of Confucius Heritage Learner: A Case Study at Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak
Shamsul K.Abdullah, Balasingam D.M., Krishnan A., and Kong Eik Fong E

Impact of Periodic Father-absence on School Performance of Children whose Fathers Work Off-shore in the Oil and Gas Industry in Miri.
Kantha Kumar Ramasamy